Sling HW Firewall Forward Fuel Line Kit (NaviFlow – Lockwood Pumps)


With Firesleeve Pre-Installed

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Available: 2
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Part of our LifeLines lineup, this fuel line kit is for the firewall forward on the Sling High Wing when using the Naviflow Fuel Manifold and the Lockwood fuel pumps .  Made with the highest quality Carbonized PTFE fuel line so that you will never have to replace fuel line again. All firewall forward lines will have black fire sleeve preinstalled.

Kit comes with everything needed to go from the firewall to the manifold, fuel pumps, engine and back to firewall return.


  • Firewall Feed To Gascalator
  • Gascalator Feed To Fuel Pump In
  • Fuel Pump Out Feed To Manifold Inlet
  • Manifold Feed Out To Engine
  • Engine Return To Fuel Lockwood Pump Tee
  • Lockwood Fuel Pump Tee Return To Firewall


Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 4 in

With Intelligent Fuel Boost System, Without Intelligent Fuel Boost System


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