Intelligent Fuel Boost System

This Intelligent Fuel Boost System helps eliminate vapor lock and/or fuel cavitation on Rotax iS low wing installations. There are many factors that affect the occurrence of vapor lock, but through our testing and research we found that feed line pressure vs atmospheric pressure is the number one factor in determining the conditions that will allow for vapor lock among all blends of fuel. With this system we offer a sensor solution that gives you the ability to monitor the feed line absolute pressure to stay out of danger.

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NaviFlow Fuel Manifold

Save time and frustration with the NaviFlow Fuel Manifold. This compact unit combines all of the elements of the fuel system into one small package to eliminate the many runs of fuel lines that not only take up large amounts of space, but also include many connections where leaks can happen. This unit is designed for the Rotax iS series of engines.

NaviFlow Benifits


Designed to take up less space than traditional fuel line hookup schemes, saving precious space in the engine compartment.

Reduced Number of Fuel Lines

By bringing most of the major fuel system components into one assembly, the number of fuel lines and fittings are greatly reduced, decreasing clutter and the number of potential failure points.


With the NaviFlow design, changing the filter and servicing the gascolator is much easier saving you time and frustration.

LifeLines - PTFE Fuel & Oil Lines

Do away with 5 year rubber replacement of you fuel and oil lines forever!

LifeLines are made of high quality PTFE with a durable stainless steel weave over a smooth bore dual-layer conductive core to eliminate electro-static discharg caused from the flow of fuel.


The AN fittings are CNC cut from 6061 T-6 aluminum providing superior thread strength and the double Viton O-ring seals provide leak free performance when used with a wide range of fuels and fluids. 


All assembled lines are pressure tested to ensure a leak free application when properly installed.

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